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Lauren’s Angel

December 14, 2016 by Belinda Kramer

45224436 - toned photo of decorated christmas tree and gift boxes against burning fireplaceOur baby’s first Christmas was going to be momentous. As new parents we had eagerly purchased and wrapped her first gifts. “She won’t be able to get close to the tree. I’ve made a big barricade,” announced my husband stepping away from our Christmas tree. Shiny ornaments and colorful lights blinked as he picked up our daughter and put her down on a baby blanket in the living room just a few feet away from me and a safe distance from the tree.  My husband soon left to run some errands while I stayed behind with our 10-month old daughter, Lauren. She was not much of a crawler yet but could roll herself to places on the floor.  When my husband left I made sure to turn around to check her while I washed dishes in the kitchen. She seemed stationary on her back, contently chewing on a set of rubber toy keys. I continued washing the dinner dishes. Within just a few minutes, as I stood rinsing a glass, a voice interrupted my thoughts.  The male voice said with a sense of urgency and distinct clarity, “The baby has a hook in her mouth.” I dropped the glass I was rinsing in the sink and rushed into the living room. At that precise moment I saw Lauren indeed had a hook in her chubby hand and was about to put it into her open little mouth. Nearby lay a tossed ornament. I swooped in quickly to pick her up and pluck the large ornament hook from her hand. It startled her to the point of tears.  How Lauren pushed past the barricade and got the ornament still stumps us to this day. One thing was for certain. Her guardian angel had been watching too.

Belinda Kramer

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