Providing for our Neighbors




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Providing for our Neighbors

December 29, 2016 by Belinda Kramer

46318671 - womens silver high heels on white backgroundDuring the fall of my son Nathan’s senior year, he listened while a classmate chatted with the other girls about her homecoming attire.  He looked on as the classmate showed them a cell phone picture of a pair of silver, glittery stilettos. He knew from previous conversations that the young lady was living in a hotel with her family.  She was excited to have been able to purchase a dress for the homecoming dance at the local Goodwill store. Unfortunately she had had to leave the matching shoes behind because her mother did not have enough money to purchase them. She lamented that her shoes would have completed the look but money could only go so far. My son Nathan looked on feeling sorry that the young girl didn’t have the complete outfit. So, at lunch he spoke to his literature teacher and told her he would be signing himself out of school to drive to the Goodwill store to purchase the shoes. His teacher even gave him some money to help with the purchase.  To his delight when he arrived at the thrift store, the silver shoes were still there. After lunch Nathan walked proudly into class with a Goodwill bag under his arm. When he presented the girl the shoes she was moved to tears and the rest of the literature class watched on as they learned another important lesson. Sometimes charity can be as simple as buying a pair of silver shoes.

Belinda Kramer

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